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Part of the Native Tongues collective that signaled a sea change in hip-hop, De La Soul’s debut LP Three Feet High and Rising playfully juxtaposed hippie tropes, humor and positivity into the culture. Drawing from the album’s neo-psychedelic artwork, the Dunk Low Pro SB, Dunk High Pro SB, samples, and unreleased Lows were a spirited take on the De La revolution.

The "De La Soul Dunk High" are a pair of sports shoes created in collaboration between the sneaker brand Nike and the hip-hop group De La Soul. These shoes were initially released in 2005 and have become very popular among sneakerheads and De La Soul fans.

The De La Soul Dunk High are inspired by the band's music and style. They sport a bold and colorful aesthetic, with a mix of patterns and bright colors. The shoes are primarily made up of leather and feature contrasting accents.

Details of the De La Soul Dunk High include graphic designs on the side panels, tongue and heel, which reference De La Soul's iconic albums. The color palette is often bright and eclectic, with combinations of red, green, yellow, purple, and other bright hues.

Due to their popularity, De La Soul Dunk Highs have become sought-after collectables by sneakerheads around the world. They often fetch high prices on the secondary market due to their rarity and iconic status.


"The Dunk High Pro SB ‘De La Soul’ celebrates the pioneering hip-hop trio with a design inspired by the cover art from their first album, 3 Feet High and Rising."


Tribute to Trugoy The Dove

Trugoy The Dove is the stage name of David Jude Jolicoeur, member of the American hip-hop group De La Soul. Trugoy The Dove, also known as Trugoy or simply Dove, is one of the three founding members of De La Soul, alongside Posdnuos (Kelvin Mercer) and Pasemaster Mase (Vincent Mason).

Trugoy The Dove is a talented rapper and producer. He is known for his smooth, melodic style of rapping, as well as his smart, lyrical lyrics. De La Soul rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s with albums such as '3 Feet High and Rising' and 'De La Soul Is Dead'. Their music is distinguished by its creative samplings, catchy rhythms and introspective lyrics.

As a member of De La Soul, Trugoy The Dove contributed to the group's success and influence in hip-hop. Their albums received critical acclaim and were considered classics of the genre. De La Soul is also known for experimenting and pushing the boundaries of hip-hop by incorporating elements of soul, jazz, funk and other musical genres into their music.


A message from all at Sneaker Boys Team and behalf of the global sneaker community.

We are greatly saddened by the confirmed passing of the backbone on the DE La Soul group. Our condolences have been given out to the families and friends affected by his passings.

His legacy will live on.


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